TPP .AU Upgrades FAQ

Be advised that TPP Wholesale is now connected to CentralNic’s world-class reseller backend for .au domain names.

Here is everything that you need to know:

  1. What domains are affected?
    All new registrations and transfers of,,, and domains.
  2. What about my existing domains?
    We will be bulk transferring all .au domain names to our new back-end platform and accreditation on 6 May. The consolidation will have no impact to you or your customers and there is nothing that you need to do. The only noticeable change will be the change to the registrar of record, with the new registrar now Domain Directors Pty Ltd trading as Instra. This is the CentralNic .au registrar account.
  3. How does the bulk transfer of .au domain names work?
    As part of our platform upgrade, we will be consolidating all .AU domain names onto CentralNic’s state-of-the-art reseller system. As part of this upgrade we will be transferring in bulk all .AU domain names to Domain Directors – A CentralNic owned registrar. On 7 April, we advised all .AU domain name registrants via their registrant email address located in the WHOIS, of the intention to transfer all .AU domain names to the Domain Directors accreditation. A copy of this email can be found here. Note that there were 3 separate emails that your clients may have received, those moving from the TPP Wholesale accreditation, Netregistry accreditation and Melbourne IT accreditation which have been used previously for TPP Wholesale partners’ .AU domain names. On 29 April, we will send a reminder email. The content of this email is being finalised with auDA now, and a copy will be uploaded here shortly. Again, one email will be sent per accreditation that we are moving away from.
  4. Will the registrar of record change? Yes. The new registrar of record for all .AU domain names will be: Domain Directors Pty Ltd trading as Instra.
  5. Why is the registrar of record changing?
    When TPP Wholesale was acquired by CentralNic, the entity that owns the TPP Wholesale accreditation was not part of the acquisition. This entity remains with the ARQ Group. Additionally, approximately 10% of TPP Wholesale .AU domain names were registered in other ARQ Group accreditations such as Netregistry Pty Ltd or Melbourne IT Ltd. As such, in order to move all domains for TPP Wholesale from the ARQ Group over to CentralNic, the domain name accreditation needs to be changed to one that is owned by CentralNic.
  6. Will my console change?
    No, your console will stay as it is, but this will connect to our world-class reseller platform.
  7. Will my pricing change?
    No, your pricing will not change.
  8. Will this improve the way in which I am supported?
    Yes. By moving to one, simpler backend system it will be much easier and faster for our support team to troubleshoot any backend domain related issues.
    Having said that, we don’t expect much troubleshooting as the new system is more than equipped to handle most functions without intervention.
  9. What other improvements will I notice?
    • One registrar of record for all .au domains, making troubleshooting much simpler
    • Higher levels of automation and speed for domain and bulk functions
    • Improved backend platform providing a much more robust user experience